We pride ourselves on being a service-oriented company willing to tackle nearly any project that comes our way.

Everything we do is designed to help give your business the best impression possible. We use state-of-the-art technologies, and a host of imaginative ideas to "deliver your message."

  • Design & Pre-Press Department

    Design & Pre-Press Department

    Gorway's offers graphic and technical design for business ... advertising, identification, and communication, from concept to completion. We deliver the message.

  • Say it BIG! Gorway has been at the forefront of large format digital printing technology for several years now. We can print your message to a huge range of materials at any size you can imagine, for both interior and exterior. Billboards, banners, signs, decals, wall murals, vehicle wraps and more!

  • Think outside the box! The latest in Digital Die Cutting allows us to take almost any job to a new dimension. With the precision of computerized registration, we can cut materials ranging from paper or vinyl up to metals and woods...up to 10ft x 5ft in size.

  • Computerized Routing (CNC)

    Computerized Routing (CNC)

    Dimensional displays, signs and logos have a prestige and level of interest that is hard to match. We machine just about any material, including a variety of plastics, aluminum, wood, composites and MDF. We often put our computerized router sytem to work for other industries. The precision design and cutting can be used for furniture components, interior fixturing, metal fabrication, and woodworking.

  • Dimensional Graphics, Letters and Plaques

    Dimensional Graphics, Letters and Plaques

    Sometimes the right choice for a project may be cast metal letters, injection molded or formed plastic. Gorway offers letters and logos in a wide range of materials and finishes. We can also provide metal plaques in both cast and etched. All with a lifetime guarantee!

  • Vinyl Graphics Still the process of choice for many sign and graphic applications, computer cut vinyl offers durability, life span, and solid spot colours and specialty finishes.

  • Screen Printing This is often the most economical print method for larger quantities. It can be used for both flexible and rigid material at almost any size, and offers the ability to produce spot colours and unique finishes such as metallic, white, and clear coats.

  • Laminating & Mounting Laminating can increase the perceived value of a print with various finishes. It also adss UV protection and scuff resistance. Gorway uses both hot and cold mount processes up to 60" wide.

  • Packing and Shipping What happens after the product is complete? Gorway takes care in custom packaging our custom product - so it arrives the way it left. We utilize major couriers, transports, and our own trucks to ensure on time delivery. We have streamlined the fulfillemt process, ensuring efficient distribution to even multi-branch stores.

  • Prototype Development When it comes to more complex and expensive projects, a basic color proof is not always an accurate reflection of the final product. In these cases, we can construct scaled 3-D models that offer a better representation of the size and manufacturing requirements. Ask your sales representative for more information about prototype development.

  • Leasing Packages Leasing is often a preferred alternative for larger projects or purchases. Ask us for more information.